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101 Doors and Windows can help you design the home of your dreams whether you are building or renovating.

We do every type of window to fit any application or design, bays and bows, casement or awning to slider and even European style tilt and turn windows. If you are looking for something unique or have a design challenge, we have suppliers from across the country and around the world that can custom fit window products to your personal style and taste. We welcome any and all challenges.

Did you know?

Using a Low-E coating on your glazing can do two different things: keep heat inside in the winter, and stop unwanted heat gain in the summer. Giving you savings in energy costs, a payback on your investment, a more comfortable environment to live in, and add resale value to your home.

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Common Window Terms

  • Casement: Window with sash that hinges on the side and opens outward to right or left.
  • Awning: Window with sash swinging outward from bottom.

  • Slider: Window with a horizontally-sliding sash.

  • Single Hung Slider: Window with a vertical-sliding sash.

  • Tilt and Turn: A window whose operable sash can be tilted into a room for ventilation while still secured and allows cleaning of the exterior surface from the inside.

  • Picture: Non-operating window.

  • Fixed Sash: Or “balanced sash” is a non-operating window built to look like, and appear the same if placed beside an operable window to give an overall pleasing uniform look.

  • Hopper: Window with sash that swings inward from the top, typical in basements, used mostly for bedrooms giving the largest clear unobstructed opening of any window type to meet building code fire exit requirements.

  • Bay and Bow Windows: A typical bay window projects out from the wall and has 3 windows mulled together with the sides at approximately a 45 degree angle while a bow window is similar except it usually has 4 to 6 windows with equally split angles.

  • Low-E Coating: A metallic coating applied to the glass to reflect heat back into the home in the winter, and unwanted heat gain in the summer.

  • Argon: A safe, odorless, colorless gas which is heavier or denser than air adding to the insulating value of a sealed unit especially when paired with a low e coating.

  • Grilles / Muntin Bars: A term referring to decorative internal window pane dividers.

  • SDL / Simulated Divided Light: Decorative external window pane dividers.

Preserve Protective Film

We use Preserve Protective Film on nearly all of our windows. This is a heavy factory-applied peel and stick film on the glass, to protect from damage, scratches, paint, stucco and drywall mud. Home builders say it takes 4 to 6 hours to clean windows on a house costing $300 to $400 and scratching can occur. Also if left on too long chemicals in these products can etch permanently into glass. Preserve Protective Film eliminates this issue. Once project is complete pull film off and discard. No need to even clean window glass at all.

New Construction Enhanced Lockout Service

Ask us about the two stage lockout and extended warranty that comes with it.

As the eyes are the window to the soul, so too are windows a view to the soul of your home. How your windows and doors appear and how balanced and aesthetically pleasing they are can make a huge difference in the real value of your home and can reflect your personality and the character of you and your home.


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Recycling Efforts

We are working towards a goal of recycling 50% of components of used windows and doors from existing homes instead of going directly to landfills. We are also working towards recycling packaging materials from our shop, suppliers and job sites.